Photographer Bio

Jeff began his interest in photography at the ripe old age of 8 with a black and white automatic and quickly began developing his own film in a makeshift bathroom/darkroom.  A seed was planted which grew into a lifelong passion.

Several thousand hours at the controls as a pilot with an Airline Transport Pilot Certification along with advanced study of meteorology left Jeff with a special reverence for the Lord’s manipulation of the sky.  “I truly have an emotional appreciation for nature’s ever changing textures, colors and powerful combinations of pure beauty.” Jeff is often heard complimenting.

This appreciation is very evident in his brilliant awe-inspiring San Clemente ocean sunsets.  Additional proof is also reflected in his work of the high country of Colorado where crystal clear air inspires images of bold contrasting Rocky Mountains against unreal hues of sky that only God himself could first imagine and create.

Jeff is also recognized for the ability to capture very different perspectives of well-recognized subjects.    He strives for perfection at the instant the shutter releases and shapes it with his minds eye.  Hours, days and sometimes weeks are devoted to each piece until it is transformed into what Jeff envisioned at that instant.  Only then will Jeff’s specialized and meticulous printing techniques be employed.  The intent is for every finished “painting” to be fresh, beautifully different and very interesting.

Jeff turned professional after retirement from several different careers. The latest was a 22-year position as Marketing Director in the aerospace manufacturing industry.  This allowed him to travel the world while
managing engineering sales professionals in North and South America, Europe and the Far East.

Jeff’s previous career was as a pilot flight instructor, charter and corporate pilot.  He holds an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate and has trained hundreds of Southern Californians to fly.

Jeff is honored and humbled every time one of his finished works leaves his galleries.  “It is difficult to release something that has become so much a part of me,” the artist says.